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Staff NITABOH Staff introduction
Director / screenplay AKIO NISHIZAWA Chairman and CEO of WAO Corporation
Though he once dreamed of becoming a film director, Akio Nishizawa chose to pursue his career in education. Under his motto: "In order to change today's Japan, we need to reform the base of Japanese education system," he developed WAO Corporation into a nationwide general educational service provider. Through NITABOH he managed to unify his dream to make movies and the passion of education. He found an original piece by himself and was involved in writing the screenplay.
Animation director / Character designer JUNICHI TAKAOKA
Graphic director of Slayers, BubbleGum Crisis, Dual etc... Chief Graphic director of Trouble Chocolate, Great Dangaioh, etc... With his great drawing experience, he is in charge of the character design, the continuity and the layout's correction.
Sound Director MAKOTO KURIYA
He participated in the creation of the ending theme of Evangelion, and also in Genso Kido. He composed the music of Hirai Ken "I love you more than anything else?". And he produced a great quantity of scores, as well as a lot of songs for radio and television commercials. He directs the "Toyota Corolla Fielder" commercial, which shamisen part is played by Hiromitsu Agatsuma.
Shamisen performance HIROMITSU AGATSUMA
Won the Shamisen of tsugaru National Contest two consecutive years in 95 and 96, he begins his solo career after quitting the "Musashi' group. His first album 'Agatsuma' recieved the 'album of the year of traditional music' award at the 16th ceremony of the golden record of Japan. He became more famous since his appearance and performance in the "Toyota Corolla Fielder" commercial. In 2003 he obtained the "excellence award" at the 11th awards of arts and culture of Suponichi. He plays the shamisen we hear in NITABOH and conveys a feeling close to the spirit of the original pioneer Nitaboh.
Two songs of the movie 'Shinsei'(main theme) and 'Michi' Yae
Her first maxi single 'the path of wind' has been chosen as the ending theme of the Asahi television program 'Earth as a beautiful spaceship'. And she suddenly became famous. She composed and sang the ending theme of the movie "Stairway 13". She also sings the opening theme of 'Final fantasy cristal chronicles'. She inherits of the vocal talents of her mother Tokiko Kato but this aside she makes the challenges to unify on stage the songs, the fine arts and the dance in a "new musical world". She is for the first time radio actor as Okinu, the mother of Nitaroh in NITABOH.
Chief graphic director HIROSHI KUGIMIYA
Chief graphic director on several works like 'Nadia and the secret of blue water', chief graphic director and character designer of 'Jungle wa itsumo harenochigu'. Recently he participated in 'Bayside Shakedown, the movie 2 Save the Rainbow Bridge ! ' as an animation director.
Stage Direction YASUHIRO GESHI
Director on a lot of famous animation works like "Ayatsuri sakon', 'Akazukin chacha', 'Tenchi Muyo', 'Records of Lodoss war', 'Cyborg009', 'Captain Tsubasa' and 'Ghost in the shell Stand Alone Complex'.
Art director of several works like "Lupan the 3rd Die Nostradamus", 'Kenshin the wanderer', 'Pokemon Pikachu no summer holidays'. His name has become famous for the beauty of his art even in preview projections.
Executive Producer : Masahiro Murakami
Projected by : Masae Nishizawa
Producer : Junichi Takagi
Original Story by : Kazuo Daijo
Continuity : Jyunichi Takaoka / Hitoyuki Matsui
Graphic directors : Toshimitsu Kobayashi / Haruo Sotozaki / Junichi Takaoka / Nobuko Tanaka / Nobuo Tomizawa / Sadatoshi Matsuzaka / Makoto Yoshizaki
Animation correction : Goro Taki / Miiko Adachi / Kim Sejun / Sakiko Watanabe / Hironobu Katada
Color Design : Keiko Adachi
Editing : Kengo Shigemura
Directors of Photography : Shuuichi Heishi / Kojiro Hayashi
Sound director : Toshio Sato
3D : Digital Frontier / Konohana
Sound engineer : Kazuhaki Narita
Sound Recording : Mouse Promotion
Sound production : Serafu
Sound effects : Noriko Morikawa
Music producers : Tsutomu Tsuchiya / Keiko Ushida
Head of Orchestra : Masamichi Amano
Music performance : National philarmonic of Varsovia, Poland.
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