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NITARO (Nitaboh) : Satoshi Hino / Takateru Murata (Child)
Born in 1857. His mother died after his birth. When he was 8-years-old he lost sight because of smallpox and his father died in an accident when he was 11-years-old. As an orphan he decided to live in playing the shamisen, which he had learned from the goze (blind women street shamisen player), Tamana. His only aim was to please his audience nevertheless he will go through numerous difficulties. Then in the end, he will create the basis of the Shamisen of Tsugaru, which is now recognized and respected throughout the world.
YUKI : Sayaka Hanamura / Yumi Furukawa (child)
The only daughter of the goze Tamana who taught the shamisen to Nitaro. In her childhood, she gave Nitaro a shellfish to thank him to have braught back the ball she accidentally dropped in the river. This was the meeting which would seal their common destiny. After the death of her mother she went back to Kanbara to become apprentice at a merchant's. She understood Nitaro and would support him.
TAMANA : Masako Katsuki
She traveled and played in front of the people's houses for a living. When she came to Kanagi, Nitaro begged her to teach him the shamisen. She remarked his talent and provided consistent teaching. Later she would have died of illness while travelling.
TOMEKICHI : Hiroaki Hirata / Taya Jun (child)
The younger son of a farmer. Apprentice of the riverman Santaro, Nitaro's father. After the death of Santaro, while he was helping to cross the Iwaki river, he helped Nitaro. He was like a big brother to Nitaro and although he was not a perfect guy, he considered Nitaro as a member of his family.
KIKUNOSUKE : Tomohiko Imai
Son of a brewer of Kanagi. After he finished his study in Tokyo he came back to succeed to his father but he had the dream to publish his original newspaper. When he met Nitaro he felt motivated to realise his real dream and decided to depart for America after had given a futozao (a shamisen's large pole) to Nitaro.
Mother of Nitaro. Originally she was travelling as a street shamisen player but she died soon after Nitaro's birth. As long as he played with a hosozao (thin pole), Nitaro was using the shamisen of his mother.
OMATSU : Yoshie Yamamoto
Owner of the Matsuya inn near the Kanbara passage. She's very protective and helped Nitaro in his problems.
SANTARO : Akio Otsuka
Nitaro's father. Riverman of the river Iwaki. He was so kind to Nitaroh since he lost his mother and eyesight in his younger age. He wanted to help Nitaro to improve the musical gifts he inherited from his mother. One day he was threaten by a criminal and jumped from the boat during a storm. This accident caused his death.
OSYO : Rokuro Naya
The head of the monks of the Kanagi temple. He took care of Nitaro until his adulthood. He gave Nitaroh many advice when he lost hgis way. He accompanied Nitaro to Kawakura Jizoson, and introduced him to Itako, the ascet.
ITAKO : Ikuko Tani
Itako, at Kawakura Jizoson. She invoked Nitaro's mother from the deads. Nitaro followed her ascetic practice.
KENGYO : Yosuke Naka
The head of the clan Todoza. While Todoza was dissolved due to the establishment of prefectures, still kept a large influence then. Jealous of the increasing popularity of Nitaro around Kanagi, he organized a shamisen contest to reaffirm their power.
TAWARABOH : Yasunari Tajima
The once in a decade shamisen genius; young hope of the Todoza. He challenged Nitaro as the only member of the Todoza who mastered the futozao (thick pole).
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