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NITABOH was present at the BCWW<BROADCAST WORLDWIDE> (Nov 24 to 26, 2004) in Seoul.
[updated on Dec 3]
NITABOH was present at the film market of Tokyo International Film Festival (Oct 23 to 31, 2004).
[updated on Dec 3]
NITABOH was screened at the TIFFCOM2004,The Tokyo International Film Festival.
[updated on Aug 31]
The music director Makoto Kuriya is present at the festival of the UNESCO for the 'music international day'.
NITABOH was screened at Hiroshima International Animation Festival.
800 people came to see NITABOH in Takamatsu and Udatsumachi.

NITABOH was present at the BCWW< Broadcast worldwide > (Nov 24 to 26, 2004) in Seoul.

The BCWW occured at the aT center of Seoul, Korea, from the 24th to the 26th. BCWW is the abbreviation of < Broadcast worldwide > . Regarding the new media market it is the biggest exhibition in asia.
The second floor of of the new convention center of Seoul has been reserved for three days for this event. Corea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam represent the core of asia, adding to this France, Canada, England, Australia etc... 130 companies are present. And even more than a thousand companies from all over the world participate as buyers. The event organised by the Korean media industry has become famous since the big hit of 'Winter Sonata'. The big public TV channel KBS, as well as the channels SBS and MBC, the big Korean advertising companies and the entertainment ones were present. Japan was represented by the TV channes NHK, Nihon Television, Asahi, Fuji Television, TBS and the media companies HighBrit Media and Tifcom.
The WAO corporation movie NITABOH was displayed as a JETRO (japanese organisation of film promotion) project and concrete exchanges were made with Taiwan and Singapore.

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NITABOH was present at the film market of Tokyo International Film Festival (Oct 23 to 31, 2004).

This year at the 17th international festival of Tokyo, which aim is to export japanese movies, animations and TV series, a film market was organised. As well as the Cannes and Berlin festivals, the last movies are presented and the professionals come and gather from all over the world.

Shingo Katori, actor in "NINxNIN" and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (Hotel Venus) came to promote their movie. Big affluence made it a lively festival.

This year the opening ceremony occured on the 22nd and everyone could enter the international market of entertainment of Tokyo. The interprofessional international film market in Roppongi was also successful. NITABOH was displayed and several japanese and overseas buyers became interested.

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Screening of NITABOH at the international animation festival of Hiroshima (August 21st and 23rd).

The 10th animation festival of Hiroshima occured in August from the 19th to the 23rd. Once every two years professionals from all over the world come and gather. NITABOH has been screened on the 21st and the 23rd.

Traders who came and see the film were so much that some of them were standing, noone quit the hall before the end of the film, which was honored by frantic clapping. The sign of a success.

In the Hiroshima animation festival can be seen works from all over the world, and then highlight the peculiar works through a contest.
Animation works of famous directors can also be seen and animation ateliers for children are organized. This festival gathers everything which is related to animation.

This festival display works independently of the Cannes' festival, and his big brother is the festival of Annecy in France which was inaugurated in 1960. Annecy, Zagreb(Croatia), Ottawa and Hiroshima are recognized as the 4 most important animation festivals in the world.

This year for its 10th birthday, the exhibition was exceptional.

On the program are scheduled a lot of new unsorted works. and the main hall was full all the time.Amongst the unsorted works were the Hungarian master Yankovic last movie "Song of Miraculous Hind" and "Empress Chung" from the Korean Nelson Shin. Was also featured "Animal's Farm" from the British John Harras to commemorate its 20th anniversary.
The 22th the director Isao Takahata made a discourse and "Pompoko" was screened.

There is also short movies from Europe and especially Eastern Europe. All day long we can go and see works we can hardly see anywhere else. There are also screenings of experimental works of students. There were a lot of Europeans and Asians in this international event and people were often coming an hour in advance to be sure to see the works in competition. There were a lot of Koreans, and they have been surprised by the hard competition from overseas.
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The music director Makoto Kuriya is present at the festival of the UNESCO for the 'music international day'.

  Each year on the 1st of October, 'the music international day', occurs the music festival of the UNESCO at the Paris Unesco headquarters.
This year, an international jazz concert titled "Jazz Meets The World: A Tribute to Education in Jazz" is organized. Makoto Kuriya, the music director of NITABOH has been invited as a jazz pianist to represent asia.
The world's best jazz artists of whom the trumpeter Morris Brown and the saxophonist Nielsen Davis are conveyed for an exceptional event.
Makoto Kuriya has not only performed a concert but taught for 2 days to young musicians from all over the world.

* The official site of Makoto Kuriya・Ea href="" target="_blank">
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800 personnes sont venues aux projections de Takamatsu (prefecture de Kagawa) et Udatsumachi (le 3 et 4 Juillet 2004).

First screening of NITABOH in the Kagawa prefecture. During the caravan screening all over the country we were also impatient to see the reactions of the people of Kagawa. We were also worried as a typhoon and strong rain could occur. But the 3rd in Udatsumachi and the 4th in Takamatsu the weather turned nice and we didn't even need an umbrella. 800 people came to see the movie. Young childs and old people, all the generations were there. Today also we can see parents coming with their children, old couples and groups of friends.
Among them there seems to be fans of the Shamisen of Tsugaru as we were told things like this : "The last Shamisen performance was great. I think that Hiromitsu Agatsuma is the most talented young player. Where can I buy the CD?"

In Udatsumachi also we were told things like "Before NITABOH there was no movie about the Shamisen of Tsugaru" or "The Shamisen of Tsugaru is very well reproduced".
Noone left the hall before the end and then people were flying to the information desk to take the brochure and the book on the Shamisen of Tsugaru. And a lot of children were interested. We couldn't have wished a better reception.

When comes the talk with the director, the audience is alway interested by the film and exchange about special effects, music, and the impact of the movie. Today, we had a talk about nowadays youth.
Some samples :
"Recently we often talk about the problems relative to youth. One of these problems is the scholar failure and another is affectivity. Today's situation is different from the past one, there is such an abundance of things and informations so that the youngs get lost. We don't use the famous 'Hold on!" we used when we couldn't get the things we needed in those times anymore. Today's youth problem is inverted, but as difficult. They are let without aim and don't find any meaning in their lives..."
"The main character of NITABOH live across the Edo and the Meiji era. Born in a very poor village, he got blind then loses both his parents. Nevertheless he firmly decides to live in playing the shamisen. He manages to overcome a lot of difficulties then realizes its own way of playing the shamisen. Even now, 100 years after the Shamisen of Tsugaru is still there."
"I've just seen this film that let me a feeling of happiness. People come to live with some kind of duty to realize. There is a lot of characters and I found that their relationships help thinking about friendship."
The NITABOH's message that is to help focusing on the real important things has been successfully transmitted.
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