Exclusively from Saturday February 21st to Friday March 5th 2004 at the Cinepathos of Ginza, Tokyo.
WAO Corporation has finally produced its first animation movie, NITABOH,
Nitaboh, the original founder of the Shamisen of Tsugaru
Don't just follow the path of others, play your own Shamisen!
The Meiji restoration times. The hand of a young man alone gave birth to a new Japanese culture. But before this to happen he must face a cruel destiny. An heroic drama.
NITABOH is present at the European film market of Berlin International Film Festival.
What's new Story Making Staff & Cast Program
°„2012 NEWS°š
Selected as one of the films being made available for sale in DVD format in the annual Japan Touch event in Lyon, France.
The world°«s largest broadcaster °»CCTV (China Central Television)°… will televise NITABOH!
Screening at European Shakuhachi Festival on August 28 Sat (Prague, Czech) !
The Public Award for Best Animated Film at the 11th Lyon Asian Film Festival (Lyon,France).
REEL 2 REAL International Film Festival for Youth° Vancouver,Canada).
NITABOH won Best Picture Youth Jury Award, chosen by the youth jury from 9 to 12 years old.
BEST FEATURE FILM at the SICAF 2006 International Animation Festival of SEOUL
Ę°Exhibiting in the film market of the 11th Pusan International Film Festival!
Ę°2006 The official invitation screenings are decided in various parts of Asia°™
NITABOH appears on the world stage
This movie was recommended by many organizations including the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology in Japan.
Interview of the director
The second theatrical feature animation °»Furusato-JAPAN°… official website
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